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Besnijdenis is te zien als een rituele reiniging van jongens.Daar is het zo dat een meisje vrouw wordt én lid van de religieuze gemeenschap door het huwelijk.In Afrikaanse landen als Egypte en Ethiopië ligt dit percentage zelf.Dit is exact de reden waarom een..
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Geslacht tasha yar gegevens

She was part of an away team sent to rescue Deanna Troi and Ben Prieto, who had crashed there aboard a shuttle.
( TNG : " Redemption II Another alternate version of Yar was seen by Captain Picard in the anti-time past.
Tasha also seems to be friends with.
Due to an editing gaff, Crosby's shoulder and left arm also appear in the episode " We'll Always Have Paris set after her character's death in "Skin of Evil".
Picard was so impressed with her bravery that he recruited Yar for duty on the Enterprise, as Yar's current commanding officer owed him a favor.Yareena stripped Lutan of his title and offered him to Tasha, but she refused, stating that there would be "complications".During the course of making repairs to the Enterprise -C, Tasha became close to a crewmember from that ship, Lieutenant Richard Castillo, and the two of them developed romantic feelings for one another.I envisioned Tasha as what I brought.Human, starfleet officer born on, turkana IV, and former security chief on the, uSS.The recorded funeral hologram A service was held for Tasha in the holodeck following the rescue of the crew from the surface, where a holographic message from Tasha was played.Perchance to Dream, artist uncredited, some Tasha Yar-centric Vids, examples Wanted : Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.Rollercoaster, by, mistress Scribbles - long, aU, data/Tasha novel in which Tasha lived (2008-10).Enterprise after he witnesses Yar rescue a civilian from a minefield.Tasha sex Amateur hoeren is hotter than ever for her old lover.Worf in the position as ship's Chief of Security and Tactical officer.Crusher tried to revive her but she was too badly injured, as the life had been "drained" from her.

When Riker put on one of the sexualized outfits worn by men on the planet, she and Deanna had a good laugh at the first officer's expense.
( TNG : " Skin of Evil Personal relationships Edit Family Edit Tasha rarely spoke of her family because of the chaotic nature of her childhood, though both her sister Ishara and her alternate-timeline half- Romulan daughter Sela visited the Enterprise.
( TNG : " Angel One The death of Tasha Yar Tasha was killed in late 2364 on the planet Vagra.
Some Tasha Yar-centric Art, yar and some of the TNG main charcters on the cover.Crosby returned for guest spots as Yar in " Yesterday's Enterprise " and " All Good Things.Are these beings safer under Federation principles?( TNG : " Encounter at Farpoint " Legacy She joined security because of the lawless environment in which she grew.After having this discussion with friends over a period of years, we basically came to the conclusion that a "lesbian" is a woman who is attracted to other women and/or is involved in a physical relationship with another woman.She called Will Riker "the best and was grateful for his trust, encouragement, and humor.The alternate-timeline Tasha Yar appears (voiced again by Denise Crosby) in the Star Trek Online mission "Temporal Ambassador".Jean Kluge, perchance to Dream by, roberta Tennant ; summary from the publisher - "Data's romantic dreams of Tasha Yar lead him into.Unfortunately, although understandably, that relationship immediately dissolved when he gets Ro killed in his childish mutiny he stages because he's angry with Picard.As a show of defiance and boldness in line with the Ligon Code of Honor, he kidnapped her and brought her to his planet.

During her recorded funeral speech on the holodeck in 2364, she addressed Jean-Luc Picard and told him that he would be the person in the universe she would call a father figure.